Specializing in the production of belts, MINORONZONI SRL has been manufacturing leather accessories for top international designers since 1979.

During these years of continuous growth, Minoronzoni has consistently provided its clients a production of guaranteed quality, personalized and developed according to the needs of each specific request,

focusing primarily on the research and development of materials, or on the innumerable techniques of customization, rather than on reaching a target price competitive for the market.

Minoronzoni specializes, therefore, in providing the complete development and fabrication of leather accessories starting with client input that is realized in a customized design and manufactured using the highest quality processes in a relatively short period.

Sede legale:
Via. E.Fermi
Cap.Soc. 3.000.000,00
C.C.I.A.A Bergamo 225081
Trib.Bergamo Reg.Soc. 28080
C.F e P.IVA I.T. 01638680163
N.Mecc. BG 001090